EL VOYAGE 20 oz French Press Coffee Maker

EL VOYAGE 20 oz French Press Coffee Maker


Coffee beans for french press is the ideal system to make our delicious EL VOYAGE Coffee.

The outstanding flavor of coffee brewed using a french press is the result of a brewing procedure that allows essential oils to remain in the coffee and are not trapped in a paper filter as is the case with many other brewing systems.

  • 20 oz French Press

  • Heat-Resistant Shatter-Proof Borosilicate Glass

  • Mirror-Polish Finish Stainless Steel Frame

  • Cool-Touch Handle

  • Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Filter Traps Grounds

  • High Quality Plastic Knob

  • Also Works Great For Preparing Teas

Taste Excellence Every Day.

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1. Bring fresh water to a boil. Allow water to rest one to two minutes.

2. Remove plunger from carafe.

3. Add 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for each 8 ounces of water to press before adding water. Fresh coarse ground coffee beans will produce the best cup of coffee. 

4. Slowly add desired amount of water and gently stir. Place lid on press, but do not depress plunger.

5. Allow coffee to steep for 4 minutes.

6. Press plunger down slowly and evenly.

7. Pour coffee into desired cup and enjoy!

8. Rinse glass carafe and filter trap throughly after use.