The Voyage Behind
Our Coffee

EL VOYAGE Coffee Offers A Natural & Pure Flavor - A Top Quality Blend Across Five Regions Of Guatemala:
Antigua Guatemala, Rainforest Cobán, Nuevo Oriente, Highland Huehuetenango, Nuevo Oriente, and Santa Rosa.

Antigua Coffee
One of the finest coffees is from Guatemala Antigua, which is distinguished for its complex flavor and hint of cocoa. Antigua is known to exhibit the typical Guatemalan coffee qualities which includes a full body (heavier than the typical Central American coffee) and spicy flavor that is often very rich, even velvety. An ideal coffee-growing soil and climate is found in the Antigua region, a valley surrounded by three volcanoes.

Cobán Coffee
Another fine Guatemalan coffee is Cobán grown in north-central Guatemala; displaying typical Guatemalan coffee qualities which include an excellent body, usually full or medium, with a rich and spicy flavor and light fruity acidity, often floral, and a lively aroma with light winey notes.

Huehuetenango Coffee
Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee provides a taste that is subtle and mild yet still complex and interesting. With distinctive and delicate fruity flavors, Huehuetenango has a light body (often buttery), sweet floral aroma, and a pleasant finish that is clean on the palate and lingers. Huehuetenango coffee is grown in the highland regions of northern Guatemala, an area that produces some of the most distinguished Guatemalan coffees. The bright fruity quality of Huehuetenango is enhanced by a Light Roast while a Dark Roast brings out flavors of cocoa and bittersweet chocolate.


Nuevo Oriente Coffee Growing Region
The Nuevo Oriente coffee growing region is located in eastern Guatemala along the border with Honduras. An ideal climate, clay and metamorphic volcanic soils result in high quality coffee with a distinct acidity and good body. Nuevo Oriente coffee grows at elevations from 4,300 feet to 5,500 feet above sea level where the rainfall averages about 1,900 mm each year and temperatures range from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius (64 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit).

Santa Rosa
This type comes from the rich volcanic soils of the Santa Rosa valleys located in the South Central region of Guatemala. The Central Highlands of the country are ideal for coffee cultivation due to high altitudes and rich soil from surrounding volcanoes. The climate allows the coffee to mature slowly; which allows flavor concentration in the coffee beans. The coffee grown in the Santa Rosa region boasts a balanced cup with chocolate notes complementing Antigua Guatemala.