The Art Behind
Our Weavings


EL VOYAGE is a luxury lifestyle brand, uniting style and quality; while supporting economic revival for people in remote areas. Not everyone can be a humanitarian, but our simple daily choices in life can positively impact the lives of many others. 

One of our missions is to bring traditional weaving craftsmanship to a global marketplace. Preserving the art of weaving is a vehicle for providing employment in rural areas.

EL VOYAGE currently works with several micro-producers in Guatemala, and today we carry products from four communities and one ceramic studio.



At EL VOYAGE we sell woven textiles in natural fibers, cotton, rayon, and wool. There are two kinds of looms used for weaving, the foot loom and the backstrap loom. 

The latter is almost invariably used by women, who attache one end of the loom to a tree or post and fix the other end behind their lower back. The loom appears to be a simple device, when the weaving is completed, nothing remains of the loom except a pile of sticks, yet studies of this technology have argued that it is a rather complex device. 

The foot loom is a wooden device with pedals. Through a combination of hand and foot movements the weaver creates the textile. Until recent years foot looms were mainly managed by men, but this practice is changing.

From beginning to end it takes several days to craft one weaving.


Flori Can, founder of Kem Ajachel

One of the communities is led by Flori Can, a Mayan leader and weaver who had a childhood dream of helping her family and people. She started Kem Ajachel, a community-focused brand, today her company employs more than 100 weavers, that are living custodians of beautiful and ancient artisan skills. Together they create unique and exquisite works of art.


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