EL VOYAGE Tejepaz & Coffee Gift Set

EL VOYAGE Tejepaz & Coffee Gift Set


$130 Value

The warmth of you favorite weaving + a good book + a cup of coffee = EL VOYAGE

  • 2 Bags of your choice each 12 oz

  • 1 French Press

  • 1 Coffee Silver Tin 12oz

  • 1 Tejepaz Unisex Weaving

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EL VOYAGE Coffee's roast brews into full bodied coffee with a unique aroma and acidity level that showers you with an explosion of exotic notes and rich flavors in your mouth.

  • Organic Guatemalan Coffee

  • Shade Grown

  • Hand Picked

  • Sun Dried

  • Arabica Bean

  • Medium & Dark Roast

  • Whole Bean Or Ground

Tejepaz Unisex Weaving

  • Made In Backstrap Loom

  • 100% Rayon

  • Bio-Degradable Dye

  • 73 " L X 10" W

  • Weaved In Guatemala

EL VOYAGE donates 15% of the retail price of every coffee bag sold. 12% goes to the EL VOYAGE Foundation and 3% to CGD (Coalicion Guatemalteca del Deporte), which helps transform a child's life through sports.

TejePaz Weaving:
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