EL VOYAGE Coffee Discovery Set

EL VOYAGE Coffee Discovery Set


A great of cup of coffee delights you. A cup of EL VOYAGE coffee transports you!

  • 2 Bags each 12 oz

  • 1 Full City Dark Roast and 1 Country Medium Roast

  • 1 Silver Tin

EL VOYAGE organic coffee beans with a unique aroma and acidity level that showers you with an explosion of exotic notes and rich flavors in your mouth.

  • Natural Guatemalan Coffee

  • Shade Grown

  • Hand Picked

  • Wet process

  • Sun-dried

  • Arabica Bean 

  • SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) specifies that the coffee was grown at an altitude above 3500 feet above sea level.

  • Roasted and packaged in US

EL VOYAGE donates 10% of the profits to EL VOYAGE LOVE Foundation.

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