Types Of Coffee Roasts For Every Coffee Lover

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Coffee drinkers are a diverse bunch and if you have to buy a gift for one of them, it is better to educate yourself about their types. There’s the quintessential cafe wallflower, who might like something that goes with the cup of black coffee that is always glued to their hands. Then there’s the workout-oholic early riser, who could do with a French press to give them the kick they need in the morning. But do you know which gift always works, regardless of the temperament of the drinker? The good old coffee beans. With the variations in flavor and aroma, there is always a coffee bean for every kind of coffee lovers.

So, here are the four kinds of roasts that you can choose from:

1. Light

Light roasts are usually pale and dry looking and a light brown in color. They do not have any oils on their body. They are slightly acidic and have a toasted taste. The coffee made from this roast will offer a more varied taste profile and aroma.

2. Medium

Medium brown beans that, like the light roast, have a non-oily surface. It is one of the most popular roasts in the US. They exhibit a more balanced flavor profile as well as the aroma. Moreover, they are not as acidic as the light roast. This kind is perfect for those who prefer a traditional cup of flavorful coffee.

3. Medium-dark

Richer and much darker than medium roast, medium-dark roast also has a slightly oily surface. It has a much heavier body than the previous two. It offers a bittersweet note and very strong and deep flavors.

4. Dark

Almost black and bitter, dark roast beans are preferred by those who like their coffee with strong flavor and with some bite to it. They have an oily surface, which is also noticeable in the traces of oil that is left behind in the cup. This kind of coffee will give a smoky taste. Watch out for the coffee not to be bitter and certainly a good dark will not have burnt flavor.

If you are looking for unique gifts for coffee lovers, giving them a selection of these roasts can do the trick.

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