‘Tis the Season…Coffee Harvest Season

by Jeff Sheldon

by Jeff Sheldon

October is an exciting month here at EL VOYAGE. In anticipation of our next harvest — which begins in November — I’ll be headed to Guatemala to meet our lead growers and talk about this year’s crop.

The first stop is Antigua, and from there, I’ll be working through the circuit of regions where we source beans for our signature EL VOYAGE blend. 

Curious about how your cup of coffee comes together? Here are a few fun facts:

It starts with a berry.

A ripe coffee berry — which holds the bean inside — looks a lot like a cranberry.

Height matters.

Typically, coffee plantations don’t let coffee plants grow taller than 3 meters. At that height limit, the plants are easier to harvest, and also can grow more berries.

Coffee plants have quite the lifespan.

A single plant can yield coffee berries for several decades, and each plant produces berries with a unique flavor.

The harvest season lasts a few months.

In the areas of Guatemala where EL VOYAGE coffee is grown, the harvest lasts from November to March each year.

A plant makes 1 kilogram of coffee a year.

That’s about 2,000 beans, if you’re counting. 

While I’m gone checking on the next year’s crop, don’t forget to check back for a new surprise at our EL VOYAGE online boutique. Later this month, we’ll be debuting our first-ever holiday gift sets, complete with coffee, weavings and more. 

Until next time…

—Yenifer Lam,