An Italian Adventure


I was in Venice. My heart was pounding. I felt like I had been drugged. 

Yes, it was my first espresso. 

It was love at first sip, and it didn’t hurt that I had my virgin espresso intro while looking over the canals of Venice, waiting to see family members I love dearly. I’ll never forget the sight, the taste or the way it all made me feel.

My business partner Vicky Cohen and I believe that coffee should create a feeling. It should tell a story, and it should transport you. 

A few years after Venice, I visited a coffee plantation in Antigua, Guatemala, and realized there was a story to tell. In Antigua, expert growers have passed along precise techniques from generation to generation, and the result is one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever tasted. 

Now Guatemala might not get the praise that Colombia does for its coffee. It might not have the same flash and flair. But brew for brew, Guatemala produces some of the finest coffee the world has to offer, and EL VOYAGE is here to bring it to coffee-lovers who want each cup to be an experience.

By sharing the coffee that Vicky and I love so much, we also hope to empower the expert growers in Guatemala. EL VOYAGE coffee and our company helps support local business practices that give growers the fair shot they deserve in a competitive market. 

In fact, all of what we sell — whether it’s coffee, accessories or beautiful weavings — is designed to share the story of someone who puts passion into what they do. 

When you taste our coffee, we hope you can taste the care put into each cup. And whether it makes you think of Guatemala, Italy or the dining room where you spent hours laughing with a friend, we hope it takes you on a trip.

For me, it does every time.

—Yenifer Lam,