At EL VOYAGE, style and travel are our passions. When we plan our trips, we're always looking for the right pieces to pack. And as for keepsakes from our journeys? Our favorites are always the uniquely designed creations that remind us of the people we meet along the way.

Our online boutique features a special curation of textiles, woven accessories and coffee from artisans around the world. Producers are carefully selected to help support emerging economies, and also to bring local, traditional expertise to the global community. Each product tells its own story...one you can explore, enjoy and make all your own. 


EL VOYAGE was created by Yenifer Lam and Vicky Cohen, two women with unique global roots and a shared passion for life's everyday luxuries. With more than 20 years of global-sourcing experience between them, the fashion-industry veterans look far and wide to find the brand's artisanal partners.

Yenifer and Vicky personally design and curate the selection featured in the online boutique, choosing meticulously crafted products and fine coffees that also help the greater good. EL VOYAGE empowers small, local producers to truly compete in the global marketplace.

When Yenifer and Vicky aren't at work, you can find them getting inspiration for their next collection or setting out to explore new sights. With each passing day, the journey just keeps getting richer.

The Art Of Living and Giving.